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Bang Bus Episode:
“Barely Legal!”

Wednesday February 16, 2005

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I really need to get a grip on my finances... In all seriousness.. I have NO CLUE as to where my money goes... the only reason I'm airing out my business is because I had to go ahead and talk my trainer... animal trainer.. haha.. to take a ride on the Bizzang Bus in exchange for training some of my pets... I was trying to get him to house train Blog.. but he wasn't having it.. anyways.. We ran across Amy's young post-teen ass as she was clumsily trudging along Miami's concrete jungle...and with promises of quick NSA (no strings attached) action for CA$H... and we were off! Richard got right into animal trainer mode and had his way with Amy... great shit! Only I had to put everyone in the van in their place and let them know that The Dirty One runs shit!!! Enjoy!
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