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Bang Bus Episode:

Thursday July 8, 2004

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WOW! I really have to check myself.. I find myself being entirely too nice to these street trekkin' broads we come across... Last week that chick with the bike.. and now a lost tourist looking for her grandma's house?!? If you saw last week's episode.. then you know where this one is gonna lead... Catherine was in the middle of the "hood" where all the brothers hang out when we mistakenly stumbled across her.. Zuks had taken a wrong turn that turned out to be just perfect... After offering her a ride to her grandma's house.. it was pretty much a wrap! Now Catherine was perfect for us.. a shy, nerdy chick that needed an outlet for all of her sexual desires!!! I'M JUST TOO FUCKIN' GOOD FOR MY OWN SAKE!!!! Alex proceeds to show her how things are done in the dirty dirty south and this chick gets ixnayed after her services were longer needed.... ENJOY!!!!
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