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Bang Bus Episode:

Wednesday June 2, 2004

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WE'VE HIT THE JACKPOT TODAY FELLAS!!!! On our never-ending search for new poontang to exploit... we came across an Eastern gem. Kyra was sitting on some park benches fuming from an arguement with her self described "gay" boyfriend when we picked her up. How perfect of an oppurtunity was this?!?!?!? What a way for her to get back at her man????? At least that was the way I kicked my proposal to her. She gladly accepted and off we went on our latest Bang Bus adventure!!!! Phillipina women are gorgeous...olive skin... nice asses.. great tits... toasty nipples.. and insatiable sexual appetites... did I mention she deep throats DongZilla in this one????? Go ahead and re-read it... and if you don't believe me... watch the trailer.. I added a small glimpse of her sword swallowing.... It's a shame too... I liked Kyra a lot... little firecracker she was..... let's be thankful I came to my senses and completed the adventure with a good ol' fashioned drop off....... Enjoy! The Dirty One...
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