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Bang Bus Episode:

Wednesday October 13, 2004

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Well well well.. what have we got here??? Lola's sexy ass was hanging out in front of close restaurant waiting for it to open up.... hmmmm.. now random hot chick on the corner of a closed business can only mean one thing to Big D.... SHE'S WORKING HARD! Preston plays the role of the misogynistic pig better than I do and gets Lola to ride along for a discussion concerning women's lib. Or lack thereof in my bus! HA! As it turns it.. this bra-burning broad was talking obscene amounts of shit.. as she willingly showed us that she doesn't wear constricting clothing like bras... IT'S A WRAP! This chick is quoted as saying that she'd "cook for preston.." with a cock in her..... Now for those of you don't get it.. don't put your brain thru such trauma and just log in to peep the pounding!!! for those of you that did get it... you're much appreciated... Enjoy! The Dirty One...
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