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Wednesday June 9, 2004

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So while Zuko's homo-ass was looking for a gloryhole in one of the many South Beach bathrooms.... I used my savvy wit and charmed the hell out of Morgan... a southern belle that was about to get rung! She was down here on vacation from Georgia and was on her way to link up with of her friends and sunbathe.... luckily for all us.. she was more willing to take a ride on the Bang Bus than hang out with some boring ass broads. After sharing stories of body piercings.. I bring up Ramon's dong and his almighty pearl. This sparks some curiousity in Morgan and she begs to see it. GAME OVER! Dongzilla shows her how things are done M-I-A style and she gets nicely kicked out of our welcome wag.. I mean Bang Bus... Enjoy! The Dirty One...
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