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Big Tits, Round Asses Episode:
“Scotish Tits A Bouncin!”

Thursday December 15, 2005

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From over the pond comes Alexis May to brighten our day. Oh what sweet tits on this broad. I wanted to squeeze the milk out of them. But alas, I'm the director so I made P.P. do it instead. There's a lot of tit play in this movie. She loves to play with her own tits and she's really good at it. P.P. poured water all over her tits and her nipples got instantly hard. This girls a cock teaser. She teased Preston's dick for over five minutes before she started to give him a blowjob. The teasing was very sexy. She would put one of his balls in her mouth and jerk his dick off, or lick his head and squeeze his balls. P.P. was so turned on that he fucked the hell out of her. The sparks were flying and she liked it fast n' hard. It's a long flight from Scotland and that pussy was longing for some big cock. It's a hot movie to say the least. Oh I almost forgot the monster load P.P. unleashes on this girl. It's one for the record. Enough reading! Just go watch it already! Sanchez........OUT!
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Rating: 6.53
( 2787 Votes )