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Working Latinas Episode:
“Money (and Not Only)”

Sunday January 6, 2008

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Welcome back to Working Latinas. Today Iíll introduce you to Dollce. She works at some money exchange place because she said that she is really good with numbers and she likes money. Well, who doesnít ? But beside of that she also likes sex, itís not that she likes it, she said she loves it, kinda addicted to it like every Latin girl who comes to my place. Well she saw my ad and decided to answer it. Now she is here. So I was like letís see if you are same good in sex as you are good in numbers. Let me tell you, judging by the performance she had accompanied by Joey Ray she must be genius in math. This girl is crazy, in a good way of course. The sex was great, blow job was classical, the whole thing came out pretty well. Just go ahead and check it out.
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Dollce Dearest
Rating: 6.36
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