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Big Mouthfuls Episode:
“The Sweet And Innocent”

Monday November 24, 2008

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Its time for another Big Mouthful. Guess who decided to stop by, and let Bangbros bring out her naughty side? The only way we know how, one huge load at a time. Kara Novak, this hottie is so innocent and sweet that the thought of corrupting her brings my soldier to full attention. We got her to open up a little bit and tell us about the dirty things she has done in the past, and show off her amazing body from years of gymnastics and cheerleading. From her stories you can tell she was destined for porn, and who else to break her in but Connor? He knew exactly how to turn this young caterpillar, into a beautiful porn butterfly. After a few gut crunching positions it was time to give her what she so begged for “The Big Mouthful” and oh boy did Connor deliver, Kara made sure she didn’t leave out one drop. I really hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did filming it.
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Kara Novak
Rating: 5.63
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