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MILF Lessons Episode:
“The Tutor Makes House”

Thursday August 9, 2007

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So I was having a hard time in school this year. I just couldn't concentrate. Thats when principle J.T. told me about this excellent tutor. She's really hands on and likes to really show her students how to work at making the grade. So I invited Mrs. Palmer over for a lesson, When she showed she was so eager to show me that I instantly got hard. She then began to show me a book that she brought called Kama Sutra. It had all these cool sexual positions, she said she wanted to try all of them on me. The next thing i know shes sucking my cock, licking my balls and I'm eating her pussy. We fucked on the couch and did a couple of positions off the book. I slammed her pussy it was so good and warm and moist from all the times i made her cum. Each thrust i put into her made her moan and she was bitting her lips. She said I was a fast learner and that after a few more lessons that I should be making the grade. And thats how I passed my last year of Milf Lesson U.
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Payton Palmer
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