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Milf Soup Episode:
“Sex In Boutique”

Monday January 15, 2007

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Hi everybody. I just wanted to tell you guys one story, what is happened to me last week. I am a sales person in one famous Boutique on South Beach. Every day a lot of women and girls try to seduce me, but this lady was a very special as hell. When door was closed behind her , I know I wants her to fuck as a maniac,and She knew it too. You know guys this fillings, when girl look in your eyes and you know she will fuck you strong with extra power till you lost yours energy . I am give up! She catch me in a storage room and suck my dick and lick my eggs so deeply. She definatly had extra engine in her mouth. Than She fuck me and I finished on her face. Then I overcharged her for the shoes...that's how I roll.
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Diamond Foxxx
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