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Milf Soup Episode:

Saturday March 1, 2008

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That beautiful Sunday morning Samantha was taking shower washing her enormous boobs. Then all of a sudden the water got shut off for whatever reason. Whether cause she wasted all the water in the neighborhood as she was rinsing for huge jars, or she didn't pay her utility bills which I doubt judging by the house she happened to reside. Anyway she ended up calling plumber so he can come and fix the problem. Enzo was the one working around that day, so he got to her place immediately. He was doing some stuff and Samantha was just there talking about different stuff, it was really hard for him to focus on his work because first she was talking none stop asking questions and answering them at the same time and second her boobs was something you cannot ignore if you attracted to women. So Enzo decided to take care of Samantha first and then get back to his job. He figured that the best way to make her to shut up is by putting dick in her month. Smart guy ah, thats why he works in plumbing services. Anyway he fucked those boobs like a real plumber, stucked his cock right into her month. Then he fucked her like, I don't even know what to compare with, it was just cool. What a fun was to watch this episode. He took care of business in the best way. Peace!!!
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Samantha 38G
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