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Milf Soup Episode:
“Its Good To Be The Boss”

Sunday April 27, 2008

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There are some scenarios in porn that just never go out of style, mostly because we're all pretty sure some of us know better than others that they are pretty true to life. One such scenario is the boss and the secretary. This story is as old as... I donít know something really old, but when done right such as this wonderful update with Julius Pleaser, and the amazingly beautiful and talented Abby, it is a thing of beauty. We do add some of our own little touches to this formulaic storyline, particularly with some crafty use of a Xerox machine and some sneaky sabotage work by Abby. Of course none of this would work if the sex wasnít amazing,luckily for you, Abby isnít only beautiful but she could fuck the white off of rice. Enjoy!
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Abby Rode
Rating: 6.13
( 1983 Votes )