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Milf Soup Episode:
“I'm Looking For My”

Sunday July 6, 2008

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Demitri and his girlfriend were having a lovely day strolling through South Beach window shopping and what not. Little did they know they were about to cross paths with Ahryan, the Milf, one of the deadliest milfs of them all. Demitriís girlfriend spotted a pair of shoes in a store window she just had to have regardless of Dimitris unwillingness to shop. But of course with it not being up to him, they went in the store. Meanwhile Ahryan is in the very same store in the dressing room trying on a couple dresses. Demitri is becoming impatient as his girlfriend has spotted more than just a pair of shoes and is now holding several dresses and making her way towards the dressing room dragging along Demitri against his will. While waiting in front of his girlfriends dressing room he cant help but notice the dressing room across the hall is occupied by a lusciously beautiful blonde who didnít bother to close her curtain all the way. Demitri canít help but stare. The more he tries to look away it seems the closer he gets to her. Before he knows it he is right in front of the curtain, as soon as he realizes he is dangerously close, and what he is doing could be an offense...she grabs him! Next thing he knows his face is in her crotch and you can imagine what happens from there. Meanwhile his girlfriend is beginning to worry.
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Ahryan Astyn
Rating: 7.03
( 4209 Votes )