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Milf Soup Episode:
“You Get The Laundry Ill”

Sunday July 20, 2008

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Its a nice sunny day so after charlie finishes cleaning up after her slob of a boyfriend she decides shes gunna go out to the pool for a bit. Doing dishes can be very tiresome especially while under the horny eye for her boyfriends buddy named chef. Charlie didnt mind seeing as shes been ignored by her boyfreind for quite some time which can get a girl quite angry especially when shes allways cleaning up after him. After charlie heads out to the pool chef decides he feels like enjoying the sun himself. After getting Charlie's boyfriend to agree they both go out there. Charlie can still sense chef staring out her out at the pool. Charlie then decides she wants some alone time with chef so she asks her boyfriend if he can go check on the luandry for her...surprisingly he does and so charlie and chef are able to get to know one another a little more intamitly.
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Charlie James
Rating: 6.67
( 3472 Votes )